Seamless Reservation

This particular hotel management software is designed by having the users in the mind, how would they like to use a website? Based on that criterion it has been developed, the user will be able to move through the different options for reservation with merely just two clicks. Detailed information about the property, price and the amenities available is displayed for the guest on the site to have a hassle-free reservation process. The amount of savings made by the guest and offers can also be integrated with this process.


Retain Original Sources

Our hotel management software gives you the freedom to make changes to the appearance and give your website an oomph factor without affecting the original source code by any means. You can have the privilege to make the changes on the website according to your preferences. This will make it seamless for the guest to switch between the options to use the service on the website. You will have the option to set up your own theme, search criteria and the visibility on the website as well.



Our professionals have worked together to create the software in a way that it is compatible across different platforms. The aim here is to bring the maximum number of viewing the website. When the website is launched in such a way that it can be viewed and used across platforms, it will increase the traffic to the website and that will, in turn, help you to gain the maximum number of conversions taking place as well.


Diverse interface

Jizby allows you to create heterogeneous layouts for your website, to make it look even more appealing rather than having it on default. According to the requirements and preferences, the changes for the layout of the website can be made accordingly. The hotel software has three different layouts, list view, grid view and OTA view, if there is a specific layout in which you want your website to be laid out, our professionals will ensure that you have it the way you want it.


Effortless Payment Portal

With the evolvement of technology, the ways of making a payment for a service has changed and the methods have been altered as well. Our Jizby software is designed and developed in such a there are around 60 payment gateways available for the guest to use on the site to make the payment. The list of options for the users will enable them to make direct payment for the service which they are availing through the website. They can use their plastic money; e-wallet and the list of options are just endless.


Click & Drag

This feature is one of the most efficient and effective features on our hotel management software. There will be no requirement for you to make any changes to create widgets for your website. All you need to do is, click, add, run and drag the widget to the place where you need it to be placed, as simple as it gets. The widget placement on your website can be personalized according to your preferences. And this will help your guest to use this option effortlessly and save time.


Available – On the Go

It is said that every other youngster or adult possess a smartphone. And we are completely aware of the fact that, there is a need of the smartphone support for the website as well. The software is designed and developed with a responsive design. Our professionals are here to help you out to create a space for the guests on their smartphones as well. This will help your guests to be able to book the hotel rooms right in a seamless way and it is the perfect way to give the user a great booking experience.



One of the best ways to be able to attract more visitors and guests to your website is by providing them add-ons. Apart from offering them special offers and referral codes to fill up their wallets on the website. It is always advised to add extra special offers for the customers. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to bring traffic to your website and that will lead to good revenue. The extra services can be a special spa treatment, a retreat, a complimentary extravagant breakfast or anything, which will make the deal click right.


Special Combos

One of the most promising factors to attract travelers and vacationers is with promotional packages and holiday packages. These packages can be personalized based on the discount offer, the special services or the stay per night. You can add any kind of options for the packages, which you create. The optimal way to ensure that there is a number of visitors visiting the website is by offering them offers which are out of the box and unique in their own way.


Hush-Hush it’s a deal

Making people visit your website, use your service is a fleet in itself. Having the customers to visit every single time whenever they are in need of this service needs some special extra care. It is definitely a big deal to have a customer turn into loyal customers. The best way to gain the loyalty of the customers for a service is giving them special offers, which are not existent. In simple words, they have to be secret deals, all you need to do is create unique promotional codes only available for them, and this will help you to gain the loyalty.


Exclusive Perks

It is not just the individuals and families, which book for hotel rooms for their stay when they are away from the home. There are organizations, which organize weekend getaways for their employees as a token of appreciation for the work, which they have dedicated to the success of the business. In that case, you can provide a few special exclusive discounts for your corporate clients and VIP members as well. This is another way to bring more people towards your service and increase the profit rate.


Constitute Partners

If your hotel has specific affiliate programs through which it is gaining popularity and visits to the websites, then it is essential to associate with your business partners. It is advisable to conceive partnerships for the business which you are handling online. In simple words, affiliation is the best way to gain more access to customers and raise the bars for your business in the market. You can generate a particular code for affiliation purpose which can be shared across various websites and increase the traffic for your website and service as well.


Revenue Management

When you are focusing on creating good revenue while still maintaining the profit margins in the market, there are certain factors, which need to be taken into account; it is essential to implement certain factors. The level of occupancy for the rooms in the hotels, the vacancies for occupation, discount offers, festive offers, promo codes and the type of the rooms are the factors which lead to good yielding as it targets varied people in the form of guests.


Foreign Currency & Language

It is not just that there are people who are using your service from one particular country; there are people from around the world who are using your site for making reservations for the hotel rooms. Our Jizby software is designed in a way that the users on your website will be able to view the price for the hotel rooms the currency in which they would like to see it. Apart from that, you can launch the website according to the language in which you would like to have it and if in case if you are unable to find the language in which you want the website, you can contact our professionals and they will help you out in that aspect.


Mail Records

When there is a booking made or a transaction it is essential that there is record maintained. This is one of the crucial elements when it comes to handling hotel business. For every single booking and transactions made on the website by the user, there will be an automated email sent to you, so it is easy for you to track the information about the reservation and transaction made by that particular user on your website.


Social media sales

Once you have been able to make a good online presence and attract as many as people possible towards your service. It is a time that you have to increase the crowd and make your business even more popular amongst the people. Facebook can be considered as one such medium as there are around 1 billion active users on this social media. It is one of the most potential mediums for you to gain access to more and more customers and the booking option available on the page can allow booking the rooms directly from the page, in simple words, it is another way to increase your online presence.


Partnership with TripAdvisor

There are many different companies at present, which are providing an app where the people will be able to have all the information related to their travel at one single place. Jizby software is developed in a way that you will be able to cater a partnership with TripAdvisor. It is an app where it will connect to millions of hotels and stay areas from around the world and provide you the information related to your trip. With this partnership, you will be able to gain the customers through TripAdvisor as well.


Book with a text

This is one of the best ways to be able to promote your business to the people who are using different networks. And it is also an easy way to send an instantaneous notification for the reservation made by the user. A simple and easy way to communicate with your users is to send them a simple and easy text message. The interface on Jizby software is ready to integrate third-party service providers and this will, in turn, increase the visitors for your service.


Administrate Properties

When it comes to handling a hotel business online, it is not a simple task or a piece of cake. There is a lot to accomplish and one of the most prominent factors which need to be handled is that the number of properties on your website needs to be managed. When space is being uploaded on your site and made available for occupancy it is essential that there are set terms and conditions. It is important that they are managed in a systematic order and our software will help you to manage the properties in an effortless way.



A business can become popular only when the people who are using the service at regular intervals are appreciating it. This is the space, which you can provide for your customers for them to be able to leave a feedback for the service, which they have received, through your site. A feedback is the only way one will be able to figure the ups and downs and make the changes accordingly.


Increase Traffic

There are different mediums in which you can increase the traffic to your website. Sending promotional emails, text messages and posting feeds on social media can be considered as a few of the mediums, which can be used. WordPress is said to be one of the most significant CMS in the world and you can use this medium as well. And Joomla is a platform which on regular basis hosts millions of websites and you can have your website hosted as well to increase the traffic.



There can be no other way than having the best possible conversation with your guest. It is one of the efficient and effective ways to build a rapport with the guest. Do not stop with just helping with the reservation and sending notifications. Take extra care and ensure that your guest is having the best stay of their lifetime. Alleviate your business by providing those special perks for your customers; give them an insight into the place they are about to visit and their stay as well.


Google it

Undeniably, Google is one of the most prominently used search engines around the world. And this is one the ways for you to have your hotel advertised as well. Recently, Google has launched a program where you will be able to have your hotel displayed in the search results of Google in the form of advertisements. The ads will allow the people to connect to various hotels in different locations. And they will be able to book your hotel room through the Google Ads.


Set it ready

A guest will be pleased and will appreciate the service with which they are being served if you have everything set up ready for them even before arriving at their said destination. You can provide them with the details regarding the route for the destination, a flexible timing for check-in, room upgrades, personalize their room the way they would like to have and ensure that you have given attention to minute details and this will help you to provide the guest with a world-class experience.


Cordial Welcome

Once the guest is done with all the formalities at your hotel, it is a time that you give them a warm welcome and take them to their hotel room or suite. It is essential and crucial that they receive a wonderful experience with their stay. Apart from that, you can give them special breakfast and dinner as complimentary for choosing your service. And if in case there is any important information, which needs to be shared with the guest, make sure that you do so.


Bid Adieu

Once the guest is done with their trip and stays at your place, it is a time that you give them a good adieu. It is important that you get a feedback from the guest for the service which they received through your website. And send them an email with a message saying them that you are grateful to serve them and thank them for their visit. And follow up by sending them promotional emails for the offers from your hotel and this is one of the best ways to convert a customer to a loyal customer.


Cloud hosting

Our software is compatible enough that you will be able to easily host your website on the cloud server. This hotel management software is compatible enough that it can be easily uploaded onto the cloud servers. The best part of having your website uploaded on the cloud server is that they are pretty much accessible from anywhere around the world and there will be no requirement for them to have specific servers to be made visible on different platforms.

Electronic Booking

Our hotel management software has been designed in such a way that the guest can have a seamless experience while making a reservation for their stay. It is an opportunity for you to create good revenue out of it, by providing exciting and interesting perks and offers for the users.

Manage connectivity

When in the hotel business, it can get hard to manage different process all at once and in one place, maintain the connectivity is an absolutely nerve-wracking task. Now, there is no need for you to worry as our Jizby software provides the perfect solution.

Integrated Management System

This is specifically made for the user to toggle between multiple modules all at once without any kind of hassles. It is easier for you to be able to combine the chain of reservations taking place on your website in one go and stay relaxed, as the software will take care of the rest.

Manage Properties

Hotel Industry is flourishing in an inexplicable way and it is essential to maintain the properties on your website at its best. It is not enough to express about how important is to have an integrated system which can manage the properties and have an automated system to handle all the elements of your website.

Hotel features

Small brief of our capabilities

  • Pricing

    All the information related to the pricing for the hotel rooms will be available on the back-end. The system is integrated and configured in such a way that it will be updated automatically in real time.

  • Special Add-Ons

    With the help of the readymade API it is easy for you to integrate the system with the configuration, which you system holds. And you can add any number of extra services to the already existing list.

  • Facebook integration

    One of the best ways to increase the traffic for your website is by integrating Facebook onto your website. As you integrate Facebook indirectly you will have more visits to your website and eventually, it will increase its visibility and ranking as well.

  • Quick reservation

    Apart from providing the information for the list of hotels available on the website, the guest who visits the website can make a quick reservation for their stay during their trip.

  • Property listing

    Jizby software has an API which is easily accessible and it is easier for you to list any number of properties and hotels on your website for the guest to make reservations.

  • Accounting Software

    There is a special software called as QuickBooks which will help you to keep a track record of all the transactions which are taking place on your website at regular intervals so that you do not miss out on the crucial factors of the revenue generated by your website.

  • Pay by Card

    Technology has evolved and so has the way people make payments. With the help of the credit/ debit cards, the guests will be able to make the payments a for the services which they are availing through your website.

  • Bookings for groups

    The guests can make group reservations if they are having a corporate meeting or a wedding occasion to attend as a family and it would be great when they are provided with a discount for the large-scale booking made by them.

  • Surge Pricing

    It is a time that you have outperformed the strong contenders in the market with your business tactics and by using the yield management system. This is a way you can reach the top and create a good amount of revenue.

  • Simple Learning

    Our software is created and developed in a way that even the not so technically sound people will be able to understand. They can learn the software with the help of the manuals made available and create nuances to the website.

  • Leading functionalities

    All the information related to the website right from transactions, accounting, logs, customizable elements, automated emails and all the minute details can be accessed with this feature on the hotel software of Jizby.

  • Ingrate

    There is no need for you to use the channel manager anymore, just go ahead and integrate with your system to access from anywhere you want to access it.

1.Publicity & Perks

Once you have successfully launched your website, it is the time that you are promoting your business and let the people know about your presence. While you are making promotional events, you can provide the guests with special offers. This is one of the effective ways for you to gain customers for your new business in the market.

2.Personalized Messages

Our software has customized pre-defined messages and templates which you can use on your website to send it to your guests. This feature on our hotel management software will help you to save time and you can customize the templates the way you want.

3.Auto- Emails

Is there a special discount or offer available for your regular customers? And you want them to intimate it to them at the right time. Fear not, we are here to help you out with that task, just create the email, set the time when you want the email to be sent and it will be delivered, as simple as that.

4.Templates for smartphones

You can’t deny the fact that there are millions of people across the world that is using the smartphones on a regular basis. Our hotel software has designed templates which are mobile-friendly, so there will be no need for you to put that extra effort to makes things work on the mobile devices.

5.Create text

According to the requirements and preferences, you can create emails and text messages and save them for future purpose. This will help you to save more time, as you will be able to send the email on a later note from the drafts rather than creating it right from the scratch.

6.Pivotal Point

When it comes to booking rooms in a hotel, making a payment, receiving a feedback for the service all of these are different elements. It is essential for it to be managed at one place and we have the management system, which is the pivotal point to have everything at one place and have it managed seamlessly.

7.Cutting-edge Control Panel

This cutting-edge control panel is specifically made to track the information related to the reservation summary, transaction, revenue generated by the hotel for the day and the feedback as well. With this control panel, the admin will be able to observe all the analysis of the site.

8.Pricing & Reservations

Each of the room or suite in the hotel has a different price range. And the occupancy and vacancy levels differ from one another and it is essential to maintain a record of it and manage it as well. In case an offer is offered to the guest, which has to be mentioned and managed accordingly.

9.Perfect tool for pricing

Even though you provide the best of offers to your customers, it is important that you do not have the profit margins stoop low and incur an indirect loss. The Jizby software has the perfect tool for you to manage the perfect pricing by following a well-planned strategy, which falls at the right place.

10.Riskless reservation

Being in the hospitality business it is important to gain the trust of the customers. It is definitely not a piece of cake to be able to gain the trust. We have designed the software in such a way, that it is easy for them to make the reservation in the safest and secure way possible.

Investment Returns

On-the-Go Payments

World-class End-User Experience

Customer Support

Investment Returns

With our software, it will be a lot easier for you to be able to gain back your investments in no time. Your initial payments will be low but with the help of our hotel software, you will be able to gain a quicker and seamless return on investment (ROI).

On-the-Go Payments

With our software there will not much of an investment, the only payment that you will be making for will be for the software. We are transparent with the pricing for the software and you can start using the software and launch your site in no time.

World-class End-User Experience

An interface which works just right without any extra effort and there is no need for you to click multiple times to have a task completed. With our software, we assure that you will experience the best-in-class user experience you could have ever thought of.

Customer Support

Do you have the tendency to be stuck in the midway and struggle halfway through the things? Do not worry at all, you have our professionals at your disposal whenever you want them, they will be at your service and ensure that you are happy with what you received.

Alleviate Profit


Handle properties

On-demand pricing

Alleviate Profit

It is essential for you to stay connected with the changes, which are taking place in the market. Keeping up with the changing market trends will help you to increase the profit percentage for your business. You can manage and control the prices and availability through sales and distribution.


When it comes to booking of the hotel rooms or suites, it is not just one individual guest who is going to make the reservation. There will be hundreds of guests that will be making the reservations using your website; our software allows you to tackle it in a seamless way.

Handle properties

The central management system in our software will let you to handle all the hotels and properties on your site at one single place. There will be no need for you to manage multiple modules; one module will have all the information related to the properties.

On-demand pricing

During the holiday season, it is quite obvious for the hotels to have more number of bookings taking place when compared to regular days. Have the knowledge about the pace and pattern in which the reservations are made and accordingly increase revenue.


Mark Special Days

Who are the contenders?

Stats by Google

Create records


When you are involved in the line of business it is important that you are maintaining a track record of everything, which is taking place. It is essential to know which of the factors, which helped the business to grow in an exponential manner and where things did not turn around well. Comparing the past year with the current year will provide you a better perspective about what are the things, which you need to work upon, and what are the improvisations need to be made to improve the business even better.

Mark Special Days

A hotel business has the highest amount of turnaround when it is a weekend or a festive season. These are the times when people want to hang around with their friends and family to spend quality time and relax themselves from their stressful jobs. And Jizby software is here to indicate you with the upcoming weekends, festivities and holidays. This is the way you will be able to provide special discounts and offers and not miss out on potential customers.

Who are the contenders?

There is a rising demand for the hotel business and it is important that you are keeping a track on the potential contenders in the industry that might be the unexpected threat for your business. Our hotel management software has a specific tool, which will help you to make an analysis about the contenders who are racing along with to reach the top most position in the industry. In this way, you will be able to ensure that you are lagging behind in any given aspect.

Stats by Google

Once the website is launched it is essential that the track records of the website are maintained well. For this purpose, Google Analytics is applied for your website. This is one of the best ways to be able to collect the information related to the traffic, the source, conversions, bounce rate, page per session and every single detail about your website is made available for you. With these analytics you will be able to figure out where you need to shift your focus in order to improve the ranking and the visibility of your website.

Create records

A complete analysis report of the front end and back end operations taking place on the site is created in the form of records. The reports can be created it myriads of ways to differentiate one from another and have the elements sorted out. Right from the arrival of the guest, to the departure and the cancellation as well can be created as a report. In simple words, it is the 360-degree report of your hotel, which will help you to improve your service.

Detailed Information

When a particular reservation made on your site is made and the transaction, everything has a separate log and this is important for you to keep a tag on the things which are taking place on your website. Every single transaction made by the guest on the site is logged; this will increase the loyalty among the professionals at your hotels. And the reservation is logged as well, to keep a tap on the occupancies and vacancies. Finally, there is log for the feedback which they have left on the website as well.

Visitor Enumeration

There is a specific dashboard available for you to keep a track of the reservations taking place on the site. The number of people who are visiting the website, the people who are currently live on the site, occupancy information, vacancy information, the revenue generated and the feedback left by the guest. All the analysis for the guest part is available for you on the main dashboard of the software.

Guest Analytics

When you own a property it is essential for you to have the insight about what are the things, which attract the most when it comes to their occupancy at your place. This is one of the ways where you will be able to increase the return on investment. What are the elements, which the guests often look out for, and the amenities, which they are in need of and everything related to their stay, is available in the form of analytics?


When in the hotelier business, it is an obvious factor that one is aware how a tourist attraction, holiday, festival and occasion can change things around and it is one of the most elegant way to attract more guests. Our Jizby software here has been designed to notify you about the round the corner events which are going to take place and that is when you have to have the special perks set up to gain customers for your service.